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What does it Mean to be Title I?

Title I is a federal grant that:

  • provides supplemental funds to schools with high concentrations of poverty to meet educational goals
  • supports the professional development of teachers
  • supports parent engagement programs

School and Parents

Parent workshops will be conducted by DCSA to discuss topics regarding
student testing, homework, student motivation, parental involvement, and
funding. DCSA will also hold family nights that will consist of reading, math
and science that will introduce integrated family learning. Parent
involvement will also include sessions where parents provide input to DCSA’s
policies, operations, and other pertinent issues surrounding the school.
DCSA will have a parent resource center where parents are able to check out
books and gain internet access to access our student information system and
other helpful sites. Parents are notified of these events through the yearly
calendar, call-outs, emails, and a monthly parent newsletter. Leadership will
be responsible for the implementation of the Parent Involvement Program.
All parents are invited to participate in the development of the PI plan and
also dealing with implementation of PI programs. Parent survey will be given
out and request of feedback and evaluations. All feedback from parents will
be maintained in the Title PI Audit box.

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Title_I_-_SPARS_Report (pdf)

Title_I_-PFEP_Revised_version_1-11-18 (pdf)